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One of Brooklyn's Most Beautiful Banks Up for Grabs

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When one thinks of Williamsburg, 135-year-old neo-classical landmarks don't normally spring to mind. But the Burg's got one, and it's a looker: the original Williamsburgh Savings Bank at 151-175 Broadway, currently owned by HSBC?but not for much longer. The bank is moving its branch "to a new building in an infinitely trendier section of the neighborhood at North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue," Crain's writes, and so the historic 28,500-square-foot building?with its signature dome that has greeted cars coming off the Williamsburg Bridge since, like, people started driving cars?has been put on the market, the first time it's ever been offered for sale (HSBC took it over in a merger). We don't see a listing up on the Massey Knakal site yet, and instead of a set price, the brokers are requesting that offers be submitted. What does the future hold for this golden oldie? The most ornate Williamsburg hipster bowling alley yet?

Meanwhile, here's what HSBC is trading in its current digs for: Williamsburg Terrace, where a Duane Reade is also coming in. We prefer the old branch.

· Towering Williamsburg landmark hits the block [Crain's]

Williamsburgh Savings Bank

175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211