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One of Williamsburg's Funkiest Facades Hits the Market

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We're not sure which is more surprising about the listing for Williamsburg's 74A Conselyea Street: that TV star brokers CORE are handling a 'Burg listing east of the BQE, or what that listing actually looks like. The "architecturally significant" facade looks a bit like a mashup of a house and a high school, while the interiors?an owner's triplex and two rentals?seem in line with the rest of the Alden Maddry Architect portfolio. Owner Dana Bushman paid $800,000 for the place in 2004 and loved it enough to keep a blog about it, but apparently not enough to hang onto it any longer. It's now asking $1.695 million.
· Listing: 74A Conselyea Street [CORE]

74A Conselyea Street

74A Conselyea Street, Brooklyn, NY