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Toll Brothers' Under-the-Radar Murray Hill Condo Opens Doors

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The Toll Brothers' sustainable design attempt at 303 East 33rd Street is the Toll building surrounded by the least chatter, probably because units have been going into contract relatively steadily and there isn't a toxic wasteland in the vicinity. The Real Deal notes that move-ins at the building have begun, and the building is 60 percent sold. We burrowed into public records to take a look at what's closed so far, and the answer is...10 units! The priciest is #2N, a 2BR, 2BA, that sold for $1,186,261. That's a fairly minor 5.1 percent discount from the $1.25 million asking price, and all the discounts appear to be similarly small, with the buyer of #6E paying a smidge over the asking price. With the building's proximity to so many hospitals, we wouldn't be surprised if many of folks moving their boxes in ended up being white coats.
Here's what the rest of the units have fetched so far:

1) #8E: Wasn't originally listed, but sold for $684,264.
2) #7E: A 672-square-foot 1BR listed for $825,000 and sold for $743,322.50.
3) #6E: Another 672-square-foot 1BR, this one sold for $722,957.50, slightly over the original list price of $715K.
4) #3N: Sold for $809,508.75 after being listed for $865K.
5) #3H: A 747-square-foot 1BR that sold for $763,687.50, down from a $795K ask.
6) #5L: Sold for $789,143.75, down from $880K.
7) #4H: Sold for $773,870, down from $870K.
8) #6D: Sold for $661,862.50, down from an original ask of $805K and a Chopped price of $705,000.
9) #2H: Sold for $763,687.50, down from an asking price of $850,000.
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303 East 33rd Street

303 E 33rd St., New York, NY 10016