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Old Spooky Building Getting Fixed; The 505 Goes Halfsies

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EAST VILLAGE?Looks like the renovation of the East Village's 147 First Avenue will soon get underway, if the scaffolding going up is any indication. Also, the old Angelica's Herbs store is going to become a snazzy new restaurant, maybe. [CurbedWire Staff]

HELL'S KITCHEN?We got an e-mail from The 505 pointing out that the building, home to one of the best feuds ever, is now over 50% sold. Not only that, The 505 "currently has the lowest average prices on one bedroom units in the area (from 14th Street to 96th Street, West of Fifth Avenue), among both re-sale and new development units - with the lowest one-bedroom unit priced at $631,000." We bring this up mostly because we were just cleaning out our office getting ready for our big move and we found an old bottle of The 505-branded hot sauce ("Hell's Kitchen's hottest condominium!"). It looked old and dusty and reminded us of 2008. [CurbedWire Inbox]