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Barbs Still Being Traded Over Provincetown Playhouse

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NYU has unwrapped its new Wilf Hall law school building on MacDougal Street, which is built above and around part of the shell of the Village's old Provincetown Playhouse. The battle to preserve the theater was a fairly bitter one (and not all of the original structure survived), but NYU's chief NIMBY negotiator Alicia Hurley is pleased with the process and its results, telling The Villager: "It preserved a working theater of historic reputation, it produced a contextual building, it was overwhelmingly approved by the community board, it demonstrated the university’s willingness to leave F.A.R. on the table in the right circumstances, and it accomplished all this while meeting the Law School’s important academic needs."

All is well! But not according to chief NYU critic Andrew Berman, who responds, "The old building never really should have been torn down...and Wilf Hall will never replace it." Wilf Hall is named for the brothers Wilf, one of whom owns the Minnesota Vikings, so Berman should watch his words lest he get a visit in the middle of the night from this guy.
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