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Jersey City, Meatpacking District Have a Bad Case of Gas

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Earlier this week a tipster sent along word of a community meeting on an issue that's been flying under the radar. That meeting was last night at Westbeth on the West Village/Meatpacking District border, where a team from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) talked about a proposed natural gas pipeline called the NJ-NY Expansion Project. The 30" pipe, an extension of an existing line called Texas Eastern run by Spectra Energy, would run through Jersey City, across the river and then meet up with Con Ed pipes in an underground "vault" at the foot of Gansevoort Street, right in front of where the Whitney Museum has plans their new downtown digs. As you can see from the above graphic, some folks in Jersey City aren't thrilled about the slim chance of being consumed by a giant fireball. So what do folks on Manhattan's shores think?

Not much, at least for now. At the sparsely attended meeting, people were told construction would begin in 2012, with gas delivery in 2013. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer sent a representative, who noted that FERC's efforts to engage the public on a project that will impact the Hudson River Park and the West Side Highway could use some attention. FERC stated that they had been in discussions with various NYC agencies, including DOT and the Sanitation Department (because of the involvement of the Gansevoort Peninsula), along with the Hudson River Park Trust and the Whitney Museum. Some observers blamed the low turnout on the August timing, when many urbanites flee the city, and public meetings are held for projects that aim for quiet fast-tracking.

The previous night a similar meeting was held in Jersey City, where the Feds had put residents on notice about possible property seizures via eminent domain. About 200 concerned citizens showed up, including Jersey City's mayor, who spoke in opposition. Said one JCer: "If you asked the people of Manhattan if they would approve a pipeline through New York City for Jersey City to get gas you know they would laugh and say 'No.'"

At least on this side of the Hudson, should disaster strike, the FDNY will be close by. The Feds didn't have a lot of specifics last night, but one thing seems sure: Another big construction project will keep MePa torn up for the foreseeable future.
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220 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY