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East Village Condo Buyers: Huppies, Cashmere Communists

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By all accounts, the East Village's Flowerbox Building is a success. The East 7th Street boutique condo building sold out, fetched big prices, attracted hipster icons and, even a couple years later, those self-irrigating flowerboxes still look snazzy. All within steps of Avenue D! Yes, it's time for the developer and brokers to take a belated victory lap, and in today's Daily News they do just that. But it's more like a victory marathon.

In this epic retelling of the Flowerbox Building tale ("it just might be New York City's best building you've never seen," the News' Jason Sheftell writes), the building's under-the-radar marketing campaign?no sales office, no parties, a few posters and a 15-second commercial that aired in the Union Square movie theater?is like the lost section of the Torah, and the building itself mixes the opulence of the Palace of Versailles with the life-sustaining strength of Avatar's Tree of Life.

Residents of the nearby housing projects were given tours of the building so that they too could understand the Flowerbox Building's brilliance. Of course, they couldn't actually buy in. Here's developer's Seth Tapper's take on who did:

Huppies. Hippie urban professionals. I’m one. I built the building like I would build my own house. I don’t want 8-foot ceilings, or to spend my life in a building that looks like everything else. To be a huppie, you have to know how to make a little money. You want to live well, but keep in touch with the real world. I’m subletting in a doorman building on Washington Square Park now, and I feel totally disconnected.Corcoran broker Larry Carty calls the buyers "cashmere communists." He explains: "Investment bankers are the new artists. They put the money down to get to the new neighborhoods. We knew they were out there — the cool people with money." These huppie cashmere communits include a couple that just put their duplex on the market for $3.495 million (they're relocating to San Francisco). He's a banker, she's a journalist/artist, their little one is named Fin and they moved out of the West Village because it got too touristy and gentrified. You know, the same old proletarian story.
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