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Brooklynites Don't Want a Roof Over This Landmark's Head

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Big changes are afoot in Dumbo's Empire-Fulton Ferry Park. The tiny waterfront patch of green with incredible views is getting swallowed up by Brooklyn Bridge Park, and adding a fancy antique carousel in a barn designed by Jean Nouvel. But what about the old stuff? What about the Tobacco Warehouse, the roofless 19th-century brick landmark that has probably hosted at least one of your friends' weddings? It might not remain exposed to the elements much longer, and that has some locals stressed out. Maybe they could use a smoke!

The rumor, according to the Brooklyn Heights Blog, is that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation is preparing to court developers interested in renovating the warehouse and turning it into an arts venue. When you think Dumbo developers, you think Two Trees, and there's also a rumor that the neighborhood overlords will propose putting a glass roof on the structure and making it the new St. Ann's Warehouse, which is getting displaced by Two Trees's controversial Dock Street condo building. Concerned neighborhood groups have already released a list of demands, including that the warehouse remain roofless so it can be preserved as a "stabilized ruin." For now everything is just talk, but we'll see if the roof, the roof, the roof situation gets dire.
· Tobacco Warehouse Should Stay Public, Multi-Use Facility [BHB]

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tobacco Warehouse

Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201