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DoBro's $7 Million Bridgeview Tower Penthouse Revealed

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The brokers pulled back the curtain late yesterday on that somewhat inexplicable $7 million penthouse listing in Brooklyn's Bridgeview Tower. Now with photos, which we swiped for the gallery above, the listing is still...somewhat inexplicable. It has a bit more of a Miami Beach flavor than we usually see in the neighborhood, whether that neighborhood is DoBro, Rambo, or, as the listing thinks, Brooklyn Heights. Still, it's hard to hate a good staircase/piano photo. Take a look through the 5,000-square-footer (common charges: $3,369?but hey, there are 13.5 years of tax abatement left!), then tell us how much it will actually sell for.
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189 Bridge Street

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY

Bridgeview Tower

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY