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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Studio's the Ugliest of Them All?

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"I came across this listing and was struck speechless," a tipster writes of 271 West 70th Street #1F. Speechlessness is a rarity on the Curbed tipline, so we immediately clicked through. What's going on on the ground floor of 271 West 70th Street? The brokerbabble explains: "Opening the arched wooden door takes you into your own private world - like a mini castle in the city! There are soaring @ 11' ceilings, floor-to-ceiling stone and brickwork, Mexican tile flooring, stunning art-quality stained glass, plus wrought iron touches, all wrapped with mirrors to maximize drama and light....Embrace the Gothic styling, or customize it to your own taste - at this price you can't go wrong either way." For the record, this price is $395,000. Whatever you do, little studio, don't look in the mirrors! Everyone else, do look through the gallery above.
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271 West 70th Street

271 West 70th Street, New York, NY