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Stoned in the Village With the Townhomes of Downing Street

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The Village's Townhomes of Downing Street, recently seen baring but a shoulder or three, have finally succumbed to the unrelenting heat by dropping their veil. And what a fine form these pricey palaces by 1100 Architect show. The swank set of triplets are now on view, undeniably alluring but arguably fraternal given their individual idiosyncrasies. The two to the north are proving to be inseparable: Recently they went into contract as one combined unit for for an eye popping $33 million.

Developer Urban Muse, also overseeing a slab of sexy stainless steel rising in West Chelsea, clearly knows a thing or two about luxury. The townhouse unit at 22 Downing boasts a breadth of double-height windows, deep set and framed in wood, while the middle one at 24 Downing sports a checkerboard of nine casements in equal sizes. The southernmost townhouse at 26 Downing, still available at $17 million, displays a different pattern altogether, with an expanse of framed glass down low and two rows of three up top.

The sandstone facades show two shades of tan?darker buff for the middle unit and creamier tones on either side. On all three the stone is cut with angled edges, stressing the building's verticality and breaking up the the massing. The sense is somewhat Italian, Milanese style, the type of place that would make Tilda Swinton swoon just like she did when she downed those delectable prawns and lost herself in love.
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Townhomes of Downing Street

24 Downing Street, New York, NY, 10014