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The Price is Confusing on New York's Best-Represented Listing

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What's different about those two kitchens? If you guessed nothing, you'd be right. Kinda! They are, in fact, the same kitchen in the same West 70s studio. But they aren't the same price. A tipster wonders: "This apartment seems to be quite popular with several brokers, all of which seem to have different pricing structures. Which is it?" The choices: a Bond NY listing with a price of $332,000 and maintenance of $694, plus a SquareOne listing with the same deal. Then there are three Craigslist listings with a price of $299,000, one of which bumps up the maintenance to $1,069.92. Another Craigslist posting puts the price at both $300,000 and $332,000. We think we see this pricing smorgasbord for what it is: a cry for attention.
· Listing: Southern Exposed Studio with Sleep Loft and custom built-ins [Bond]