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Park Avenue Residents Condo-Blocking Tiger's Mistress?

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With chatter about Tiger Woods's Manhattan bachelor pad dominating discussion, one has to wonder: What about his harem? According to the tabloids, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger mistress #1 and upcoming Celebrity Rehab co-star, wants to spend her hush money on a $1.995 million Park Avenue condo, but the building's board is "fighting tooth and nail to keep her out," according to the Enquirer's source, because "she's not the type of person they want as a neighbor." It all sounds like typical Park Avenue snootiness, until you head on over to The Real Estalker and find out that Uchitel is targeting lower Park Avenue, as in 39th Street. Like Murray Hill has the best reputation to begin with?

There's one $1.995 million Park Avenue condo on the market, at 77 Park Avenue. Like Uchitel herself, the pre-war 3BR/3BA is "BIG on SPACE, DETAILS, SERVICE and VALUE." The apartment last sold in May 2009 for $1.4995 million, so the $500k bump sounds a little steep. But if the seller is the same Maria Marin who's also an expert in the art of negotiation, then Uchitel should just pay up now, and the building's condo board should prepare to be sweet-talked into submission.

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77 Park Avenue

77 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016