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101 Warren's Last Big Deal Came With a Discount

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It was announced yesterday that Tribeca's 101 Warren Street condominium sold out after four years on the market, racking up $650 million in sales and becoming the "most successful condominium offering in the history of downtown Manhattan" in the process. Responded one Curbed commenter to the news: "Can we get a pricechop report on the penthouse duplex that just closed?" Your wish, anonymous Internet crawler, is our command. Ladies and gents, have you met Skyhome 3460?

The 4,518-square-foot duplex sits in a glass box atop 101 Warren's frenetic granite facade, all uninterrupted views and wraparound terrace madness. Skyhome 3460, the last remaining unsold sponsor unit, was even special enough to get its own website, the better to make every other 101 Warren buyer feel a little less universe mastering. According to StreetEasy, the 4BR/4.5BA condo was first listed for $15,664,000 way back in 2006, when buying off a floorplan was just the way things got done. It lingered, but as the building went up and the boom continued, the price inched up to $16,350,000. Then came the great fall, and with it, a minor price cut down to $15,950,000. Talk about not panicking!

The apartment was listed in contract in early August and sold a week later (cash?), for $13,237,250. That's 15.5% below the original asking price, and 19% off the peak price. Not serious damage, and the joy of sending out a "Sold out!" press release?especially after the headaches?probably made up for it in the developer's eyes. The buyer is Maryland-based technology entrepreneur Robert Baruch and his wife, Kathy. Not bad for a pied-a-terre, eh?

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101 Warren Street

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