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Harlem Oversupply Poster Child Bags Fifteen Buyers

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With a facade like that, Harlem's Parc Standard can hardly help being the poster child for the neighborhood's condo oversupply. But the building is more than just a pretty face! Harlem Bespoke noted yesterday that closings have actually started, so we took a look at the building's StreetEasy page. So far, 15 units have closed, with another 13 in contract. Discounts are fairly slim, with the largest chopper clocking in at 7.4 percent and one buyer paying 2.8 percent over ask for studio #3C. So far, the priciest sale is #7B, a 2BR, 2BA that sold for $755,000, down from an original asking price of $800,000. Guess that dog washing station is a winner!

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