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Report: Tiger Woods's West Village Bachelor Pad Revealed

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Is the rumor about Tiger Woods setting up shop in downtown Manhattan true? A second media outlet has stepped forward to say that it is. The Daily News writes that the newly divorced Woods carried his own boxes and golf clubs into "his new digs on Hudson Street" on Sunday night, pausing to "stop and pet our pretty brunette source's pup," because Tiger's always on the prowl, naturally. The paper runs a nighttime photo of the building being whispered about, and it's almost certainly the Printing House condo at 421 Hudson Street in the West Village. Good eye, Tiger!

The 19th-century commercial building, described as "handsome," was converted to residential lofts in 1979. The last sale in the building?that's reached public records, anyway?was the $1.935 million purchase of #817 by an attorney back in April. There are some units for rent in the building, including a 2BR/2BA apartment asking $5,200-per-month that was pulled off the market last week, but we're not sure it's really Tiger's style. That furniture is older than mistress #11!
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The Printing House

421 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014