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184 Kent Renter Not Happy About His Leaking Apartment

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Part of the appeal of all the new luxury real estate popping up along the Wiliamsburg waterfront is, of course, those East River Views. But there are limits to how close these new Williamsburg residents want to get to the wet stuff. For example, they would prefer it not to come up through the floorboards in their living rooms. So goes the plight of a renter (actually, make that two renters) at our favorite converted almost-landmarked warehouse, 184 Kent. Back in July, our tipster noticed some water seepage in his brand new apartment and logged a maintenance request. The issue persists to this day, and it's a long, long story. Luckily he sent the Cliffs Notes!

Long story short - about 2 months ago I started noticing water intrusion under the wood in the living room in my unit. I put in a maintenance request to the building. They assured me that it would be fixed in a timely manner. I waited and waited. It has yet to be fixed 100% I kept getting the runaround from the building management about how it is the contractors who are dragging their feet. The property owners have also been unresponsive. They assured me that no one else was having this issue. When I knocked on my neighbors door, I found he was also having the same issue. He told me the management had also told him that no one else was having the issue. Both of our floors have continued to get worse. We have yet to receive an official schedule on when this will be fixed. Meanwhile my furniture remains out of place and the flooring continues to rot.

Both my neighbor and myself have decided to withhold rent until the floors are fixed. We have let the building management know this. Strangely enough, they have yet to respond.

We both pay a lot of money for our units and feel ripped off.

According to reps for 184 Kent, the rent strike won't be a long one. Here's their statement:"Extensive landscaping was recently conducted at 184 Kent's interior courtyard. During the process, a small area of waterproofing was damaged. Management repaired the waterproofing, and tests were conducted on the waterproofing yesterday. The problem has been remedied and management is now scheduling floor repairs at the two units impacted by this situation."Chalk it up to the hazards of moving into a building that's not quite complete. And about that courtyard! Remember, the massive space was created when the developers cut out a huge chunk from the center of the building. Here's a recent progress shot:

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