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Harlem's Zombie Gateway Building Shuffles Off Its Scaffolding

The Gateway condo's long and winding road to existence began with a somewhat bizarre plan to construct a narrow building that would expand horizontally over the tops of the neighbors. The market didn't smile on the scheme: developer Steve Gaetano ran out of money and had to pour $5 million of his own into the project to keep things going. Finally, a lender found another $12.5M under the couch cushions to help Gateway out of its slump. And this zombie is shuffling on! Harlem Bespoke reveals that the scaffolding has come down from Gateway's facade. The color scheme matches the buildings below, rather than following the white of the original rendering (above left). No sign of sales yet, but for the first time in Gateway's turbulent history, it looks like it might just be a matter of time.
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