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LES Mystery 38 Delancey Peels Off Plywood, Goes (Partly) Rental

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An element of mystery and a dash of the kind of fascination we might have for a train wreck have kept us watching 38 Delancey Street as it's made its mark on the Lower East Side skyline over the past three years. Now the last of the mystery is gone: Bowery Boogie notes that the final piece of rotting plywood has been removed from the building, revealing...a couple of doormen with no tenants to tend to. But not for long, because 37 units are in contract and, The Real Deal reports, first-time developer Lee Yam (alternate career: kitchen supply businessman) will be taking unsold units rental. If Chinatown gets rezoned, will rarity make their value go up?
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38 Delancey St.

38 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002