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Plaza Portholes Worthy of 'Hideous' Tag? Take the Poll!

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They've been mocked in lawsuits, Vanity Fair exposés and, naturally, countless Curbed comments. We're talking about the windows in some of The Plaza's grandest and most expensive apartments. They're the necessary collateral damage of doing business with an iconic landmark set in its ways, but that hasn't stopped the windows from being branded "attic-like" and other nasty adjectives. Lay off, people! It's not like Central Park is worth seeing, anyhow! But still the name-calling persists. A tipster has nominated The Plaza #1707?a 2,975sqft three-bedroom asking $11.95 million (it sold for $10.3M in 2008)?for the That's Rather Hideous hall of shame. The charges include the "porthole windows," but also the headache-inducing kaleidoscope of colors. But given the pied-a-terre nature of many of these Plaza pads, isn't a little color part of the fun? So we ask...

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The Plaza

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The Plaza

1 Central Park South, New York, NY