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Lack of Bus Service Thwarts Million-Dollar Astoria Penthouse Sale

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Is there anyone out there as obsessed as we are with Astoria's East River Tower? It's freaking gigantic, prices top $900/sqft, it's 20 minutes from the nearest subway and one of the neighbors is another condo development that just quit the business. Well, it turns out there is another East River Tower fan out there, or make that was. The Wall Street Journal reports that a buyer was lined up to pay $999,000 cash for a two-bedroom penthouse listed at $1.1 million (maybe this one?) with views of the Manhattan skyline. That is, until the MTA shut down the QM22 express bus to Midtown in its recent "Doomsday" cuts.

The buyer backed out, and an Astoria broker says the death of the QM22 is a deep wound for the project: "That killed off sales for us over in that building. ? for the people who are looking to get in and out of Manhattan quickly it's going to be a tough sell." It's a situation that could use a visual metaphor, and we've got one! Our roving photographer Will Femia snapped the following photo of the building's backside, specifically, as Paul McCartney might say, the long and winding road?buh buh! buh buh!?that leads to its door.

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