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It's Lights Out for Glassy Planned Prospect Park Tower

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If this building looks familiar, it might be because the glassy 20-story building, Park Tower, was planned for Prospect-Lefferts Gardens' Lincoln Road. Yup, we said was: Brownstoner brings word this morning that the development has fizzled and the empty lot is now on the market. The broker suggested the Gilman Architects-designed project, which was going to include 86 condos, retail space, and lots of potentially bird-boggling glass at the edge of Prospect Park, could be built as a rental by 2013 or 2014. Still, that's a short reprieve for local haters, and perhaps the rental revision will get rid of the planned 24-hour color-changing LED light that seems to have become a Gilman trademark. For fans, the concept has already been brought to crazy life in Long Island City.
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