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Donald Trump's 'Mosque' Buyout Bid Laughed Off

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Donald Trump's headline-grabbing offer to buy 45 Park Place has been greeted by the developers of the Park51 Islamic center as warmly as neighbors embraced the Trump Soho. The attorney for Hisham Elzanaty, the Park51 financial backer whom Trump's letter was addressed to, told the WSJ, "This letter looks like it was written by a publicist rather than by a serious business man. It suggests to me that Mr. Trump sees this as an opportunity to reclaim some of the limelight and luster that he has been losing." Looks like The Apprentice just lost a viewer! Elzanaty is just one Park51 investor, anyway, and Trump went on CNBC this morning to trash him, calling him "a low level real estate guy." That's a harsh insult In The Donald's world.

Trump inserting himself into the "ground zero mosque" debate may have turned the whole thing into a circus, but it's not like this controversy needed the help. Here's a look at some of today's other Park51-related news: The guy with the silly mustache may still burn Korans on Sept. 11 because of the "mosque" plan; a 9/11 first responder is suing the developers for $350 million because he claims his "symptoms and illnesses have significantly increased" due to the situation; and the Post says that 45 Park Place can be considered part of ground zero because human remains were found just 348 feet south of the site.
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45 Park Place

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