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City Now Considering Bringing Trolley Back to Red Hook

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The construction of the BQE set Red Hook apart from the rest of Brooklyn back in the 1950s, allowing degentrification to set in. But now the neighborhood is welcoming rich people's art, and the gentrification may continue with the return of the Red Hook trolley. The city has gotten a federal grant for a five-month study of whether streetcars could reconnect Red Hook to the rest of the world, the Daily News reports. It's not a new plan?a trolley from DoBro to Red Hook was also briefly part of the proposals for Brooklyn Bridge Park?but residents are nonetheless excited that their humble 'hood might come back onto the map. Er, some residents. The Daily News also finds the inevitable contrarian, who says, "I don't want development. I don't want this to become like Williamsburg....I could almost fall asleep in the middle of the street when I moved here eight years ago." Let's hope those trolley horns are loud!
· City eyes putting transit dinosaurs back on track in Red Hook" [NYDN]