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NYU's East Village Blog Fails to Bring Forth Apocalypse

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Fall semester is underway, which means The Local East Village?the neighborhood microblog staffed by NYU and co-signed by the New York Times?is now a reality. The blog will try to gain mass acceptance while navigating a tricky path. The task of chronicling the original character of a neighborhood that NYU is often accused of destroying? That too, but we were talking about the slightly clunky web address. And that's not just the bitterness of being left off their blogroll talking! Or maybe it is.

LEV's birth announcement was met with some backlash, but so far things are off to a slow and noncontroversial start: A handful of posts about stuff like yoga and pay phones, and an intro post "extending an open invitation to everyone in our community to participate in our site." LEV is also on Twitter, where things are soggy ... but still howling.
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