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Warhol Superstar Sells $13.5M Upper East Side Townhouse

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Andy Warhol muse Jane Holzer was last seen around these parts back in 2005, when she sold a couple of apartments in the Upper East Side's Volney. Since then, she's been busy buying and then renovating a townhouse at 109 East 69th Street, for which she paid $10.5 million in early 2008. The renovation (quite the transformation, judging by the before and after listing photos) was in preparation for a flip, which Holzer has just accomplished, the Observer reports. Holzer's sold the house for $13.15 million (to a buyer hidden behind a company). Not a bad profit?if we ignore the fact that she first listed the place last year for a whopping $17 million. It's also for rent at $48,000/month.
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