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Canvas Lofts Resident Claims to Beat 184 Kent's Leaks

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Last week we heard from a 184 Kent renter most seriously displeased with the water seeping through his new apartment's floorboards. The photos of the leakage led to a little one-upsmanship on the Curbed tipline, with a resident of Greenpoint's Canvas Lofts, already a bit notorious for its location next to a slaughterhouse, claiming to have a leakier apartment than our 184 Kent resident. The?spoiler!?now former resident of the Canvas Lofts writes:

Saw your post on 184 Kent and got inspired to let you in on my old building...

It's the awesome luxury condo conversion, Canvas Lofts situated in a prime location next to Lee's chicken slaughterhouse on Greenoint Ave...It leaked like a sieve the day we moved in and continued to do so until the day we moved out. The contractors the landlord sent would "fix" the leaks by putting new drywall up to conceal the problem, but lo and behold the water just kept coming. Finally, I left after a mold inspector came through only to find toxic mold 4X the habitable amount.
"Oh and," the tipster adds, "it's back on the market for sale or rent if anyone is interested." An enticing offer! According to the building's StreetEasy page, current listing prices are around $357/square foot, with earlier listings averaging $409/square foot. Recent rental listings hover between $2,400 and $2,650/month. Worth it? The tipster offers a few more looks at that leakage:

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