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Starbucks Heat Map Proves FiDi Loves Its Frappuccinos

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Are Financial District working stiffs more likely to score a caffeine fix at Starbucks than Midtown working stiffs? We all know it's hard to avoid the mermaid's siren call in the barren canyons of Lower Manhattan, and the master mapmakers at Very Small Array have finally given us a visual aid that proves it. Using Department of Health data, they've highlighted the zip codes that are most saturated with Starbucks locations when their numbers are compared to the total amount of restaurants in that area. The Financial District placed two zip codes at the top, including the most java-licious of them all, 10005. JFK Airport also nabbed a two-fer if you count Rosedale's 11422 zip. Guess we know where to go to snag a scone and bop our heads to Jack Johnson tunes.
· The Starbucks Belts [Very Small Array]