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Brooklyn's Next Tallest Tower Back on Track

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[Renderings by SLCE Architects.]

Fresh off The Brooklyner snatching the title of the borough's tallest building away from the iconic Williamsburgh Bank Building, megadeveloper AvalonBay made it clear that the new champ shouldn't get too comfortable. Early plans were unveiled for a 58-story, 860-unit rental tower to be located at Willoughby and Bridge Streets in Downtown Brooklyn that would top The Brooklyner, but those plans were largely forgotten as construction across the city ground to a halt. Well, it's time to pull those dusty memories out from the file cabinet at the back of our brain.

Now it appears that the tower, which was being referred to as Avalon Willoughby West or Avalon Willoughby Square, is quietly taking shape. PropertyShark blogs that AvalonBay just acquired the building at 92 Willoughby Street, its seventh parcel in the area as it tries to assemble the pieces necessary to build the giant. You know, kinda like Voltron. That brings AvalonBay's total tab to $74.8 million, and according to the company's SEC filings, $111 million is earmarked for land-grabbing by 2011. Check out the latest renderings (though the tower is still described as being in design development) from SLCE Architects in the gallery above, and here's PropertyShark's map of what AvalonBay's snatched up so far. Looks there are a few more dominos left to fall:

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