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Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Buys $1.6M Park Avenue Condo

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As Tiger Woods-related gossip sometimes turns out to be, the rumor that first Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel has purchased a Park Avenue condo is mostly true. The deal at 77 Park Avenue just hit public record. The final price? $1.625 million, a nice discount from the asking price, but on a different three-bedroom unit than originally rumored. Apartment #2F was only asking $1.849 million, compared to the $1.995 million condo upstairs Uchitel was reported to be controversially eyeing. Uchitel's buy is a loss for the sellers, who paid $1.75 million in 2006. Given how quickly the deal closed, we're guessing the purchase was made with some of that sweet, sweet Tiger hush money.

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77 Park Avenue

77 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016