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Norman Foster's Gallery Building Takes a Bow on the Bowery

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The shed is down at British starchitect Norman Foster's 257 Bowery, and this new gallery for art dealers Sperone Westwater is introducing itself to the rapidly changing neighborhood. Big brassy letters run sideways up the the ribbed black storefront, protected by a beefy metal canopy hanging overhead. Double doors stand at center, with strips of two-way reflective glass running up their full height, allowing a peek within. Inside the eight-story gallery, technically designed by Lord Norm's Foster + Partners, crews are getting everything in order for the premiere exhibition, set to open on September 22.

First up are works by Guillermo Kuitca. His pivotal creation, "Le Sacre," a 1992 composition of maps and mattresses, will be seen in Foster's centerpiece, the red 12' by 20' elevator/moving exhibition space that rises above the Bowery. Inside the magic box Kuitca's mapped beds "will cover the wall surface ... while the room moves slowly between the 2nd and 3rd floors, viewers have the opportunity to be immersed within the installation." With the New Museum a few doors down and Keith McNally's Pulino's pizzeria packing 'em in at the corner, this stretch of Bowery 2.0 is humming.
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Sperone Westwater

257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002