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Angry Homeowner Tells Angry Blogger This House Isn't Fugly

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So outraged was Sheepshead Bites about a new house damaging the uniform look of Corbin Place ("Look at this monstrosity!") that the Brooklyn blogger went on a lengthy tirade against the lax city zoning laws that allowed such a structure to be built. That was back in May. Here's an update:

But putting the blame on the city’s shoulder didn’t stop the owner from getting pissed. She called us up and freaked out. “Wait ’til you see it when it’s finished,” she said. “You can’t tell anything now; it’ll be a beautiful home.” Nope. Still fugly. And now I blame you, too.

C'mon, everybody, can't we all just get alo?actually, yeah, still fugly.
· Update: Corbin Place’s House Of Fugly [Sheepshead Bites]