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Devonshire House's First Reincarnated Rental Appears

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Just like the Apthorp, the Central Village's Devonshire House is a pedigreed pre-war rental building that got bought during the real estate boom and converted to condos, except where there are still rent-stabilized tenants lurking. But the Devonshire House has lacked the Apthorp's drama, and as buyers looking to rent out their Apthorp purchases come under scrutiny, we don't think the Devonshire House's first sale to return to the market as a rental will meet with the same controversy. But that doesn't make it any less intriguing!

The 1,590-square-foot apartment just hit the rental market through Elliman. It's a two-bedroom (with a library), two-and-a-half-bath unit that, like the building's other condos, is completely renovated to look like this. Which means that this apartment's return to rentaldom will probably come at a much higher price than its last time around. Indeed, it's asking $13,000 per month. The floorplan matches up with #6D, which sold for $2.6 million to Princeton-based Fedorov Enterprises LLC. First of many Dev deals to resurface as rentals? We'll have to wait and see. Here's the new layout:

· Listing: 28 East 10th Street [Elliman]
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The Devonshire

28 east 10th street, New York, New York