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New Mercedes Mansion is a Hot Piece of German Glass

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We've been following the massive new Clinton Park rental/Mercedes dealership/NYPD horse stable(!) complex since the renderings looked like an 8-bit Nintendo game, so any new-and-improved looks at architect Enrique Norten's zigzagging Eleventh Avenue creation (developed by Dumbo kingpins Two Trees) get us pumped. The apartments are way off in the distance, but the Mercedes showroom is well underway, and proving that even jaded journalists lust for high-end German engineering, the dealership has scored its second major Times story this year. Where's our free Maybach, freunde?

This time it's wrapped into a larger trend piece about all the action on Eleventh Avenue's "Autobahn Alley," but the whole story is just an excuse to get excited about the crazy futuristic design of the Mercedes megastore all over again. Do car dealerships qualify as architecture porn? If not, we might have to make an exception.
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