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Broker Tries Using Wardrobe to Sell Harlem Townhouse

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Victorian though it may be, it's hard to sell a $1.685 million townhouse in Hamilton Heights these days. So how to make those herringbone floors and historic wainscotting really pop? A fashion show! Enter broker Lana Turner, who's showing off her vintage wardrobe at her 56 Hamilton Heights listing, the Journal explains. Her 58 dresses have been divided into themed rooms: antique formal dresses in the parlor, fancy travel clothing in one of the bedrooms, and party dresses on the top floor. The connection between the house and some of the clothing may be vague, but in the front parlor, at least, "the color of those dresses actually accents the delicate pink porcelain tiles of the mantel," says the listing's non-dress-displaying co-broker. A suggestion for getting big open house crowds: free shuttles uptown from the Fashion Week tents.

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