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Big Reveal: Pricing a Duplex That Breaks the LES Mold

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And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game!

Location: 178 Suffolk #1
Asking: $2,375,000

This LES duplex plus zen garden was lowballed and not much liked by the PriceSpotter peanut gallery, with most guesses in the $1 millions. Said one commenter: "This is basically a one bed and they have carved out a second bedroom that looks like a closet.....the area is not great and since this apt is on the garden level, there are some safety issues + noise from the bars down the road... the boiler room will be noisy as well being in the bedroom, and the floor plan is awkward at the way, why there are no doors in the master bath?" We don't know! But we hope everyone feels better for having gotten their opinions on Suffolk Street out of their systems.
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