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Hear Brain Cells Sizzle as They Try to Compute the Beekman Tower

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Frank Gehry has said that his rippling 76-story Beekman Tower under construction near City Hall is inspired by 17th-century marble sculptures by Baroque artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. But c'mon, Frank, can't you give the kids something to relate to? It's not like 17th-century art collectors are going to be rushing to rent expensive new apartments in Lower Manhattan. No worries, the UK's Daily Mail has the perfect comparison: Dudes, it's just like Inception!

Its undulating steel frame provides the illusion of movement, which is reminiscent of the transforming architecture in Christopher Nolan’s film which stars DiCaprio as a thief who extracts information from the subconscious mind of his victims while they dream.So the whole world is a dreamstate, but if we pull ourselves out of it we get to spend the rest of our days with Marion Cotillard? Gehry is even more powerful than we thought!
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