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Late Party Planner's Estate Having MePa Sell-Off?

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Event designer, plant fan, and aspiring real estate developer Robert Isabell died in July 2009, before he had a chance to see his developer dreams become reality at 15 Little West 12th Street and 837 Washington Street. Lenders made plans to carry on his projects, as at 837 Washington (right), which, last we heard, was set to become a glassy Morris Adjmi-designed retail/office space. But perhaps the plans weren't as set as we thought, because a deed just hit public record for the $48 million sale of 837 Washington Street, along with the $32 million combo sale of 13 Little West 12th Street and 408 and 414 West 13th Street. Robert Isabell's estate is handing all four properties over to the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation. The estate and the foundation are care of the same attorney, so we're not sure exactly what's going on behind the scenes. Anyone have any intel on what's in these buildings' futures?
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837 Washington Street

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