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Harlem Church Participates in Harlem Gentrification

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If three makes a trend, it looks like we can officially apply the word to church-condo partnerships in Harlem. There's the Livmor, with its 17,500-square-foot church, and 88 Morningside, on land picked up from Harlem's Church of the Master. Add to the list the Odell Clark Place Condominiums on West 138th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, a two-building project that's set to hit the market soon with the backing of neighbor Abyssinian Baptist Church. The 32-unit project is only the first of several planned by the church's development arm, the Journal explains, with a total of 200 church-sponsored condos to hit the neighborhood in the not-so-distant future. The first handful of listings are online, priced from $358,000 to $682,000. Take a look at model unit photos and floorplans, swiped from the development's website, above.
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