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Holdout Manhattan House Renters Foiled Again in Court

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Here's something we haven't had in a while: A juicy Martin Act ruling! That's the tenant-protection law presiding over co-op and condo conversions that market-rate renters at the Upper East Side's Manhattan House tried to invoke in an effort to hold on to their apartments. After a 2008 ruling against the tenants, we'd kinda forgotten that the case was still kicking around in the legal system, but it was, until this week. An appeals court ruled that the Martin Act does not apply to the 29 Manhattan House renters because their leases expired before the conversion took place, The Real Deal reports. After consecutive losses, is the dispute over? Perhaps not! Tenants' attorney Adam Leitman Bailey tells The Real Deal the court will allow him to re-argue one portion of his case, that the evictions were a response to tenant complaints. In the meantime, Manhattan House is free to focus on all the other weird stuff that goes on there.
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Manhattan House

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