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Williamsburg Resident Can't Believe New Building Isn't a Total Pain

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Williamsburg residents are so used to accepting new-construction chaos that when a project comes along that doesn't make their lives a living hell, they're confused. Check out this reaction to the work going on at 568 Union Avenue:

I would love to know the story behind the largish project going up on Union Ave. and Richardson in Williamsburg 11211. As a neighbor to The Giant Fart Cloud building and having survived their bumbling dangerous antics during both the demolition of the old warehouse and their absolute pain in the ass presence building the new condos; what is it that this new project is doing that makes them such a non-problem? They don't make unnecessary traffic by hogging the streets with their rigs. They don't illegally shut down streets like Warehouse 11 and Fart Cloud did over and over again. They stick to working permitted hours instead of 7 am on sundays like both the Fart Cloud and Warehouse 11. It looks like an interesting project in that it is set back quite far off of Union avenue. It seems quite large. How can this project be such non-problem to the existing neighborhood, where others have failed us so miserably? I was curious about how much of the design of the project took the logistics of where they are building into account , or if the outcome is just a fortunate stroke of luck for a part of the neighborhood that has been overburdened with careless, inconsiderate developers.

For the record, this is the site of the old Manhattan Chocolate factory (though these days Brooklyn Chocolate probably has better marketing appeal), which was supposed to look like this, but there's about a mile of DOB paperwork filed since so we're unsure of the outcome. Perhaps one of the polite people working on it can fill us in?
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