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Steven Holl Gives House Secret Underground Art Gallery; More!

The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) At a Steven Holl-designed house (above) in the Houses at Sacaponac development, there is a strange feature: a secret underground art gallery beneath 12 feet of water. Don't you want a piece of this magic, Inwood?

2) East End builders Curto & Curto picked up a Bridgehampton plot in 2006 and listed it, with or without house, for $7.695 or $.495 million in 2009. They chopped the price to $6.995 a year later, but apparently Labor Day brought a jolt of confidence, because the price is now higher than the original at $7.8 million. In other words, any potential buyers have probably missed the bottom on that one.

3) A 3,000-square-foot Montauk beach house with swimming pool sold at auction this week for $795,000?down from its most recent ask of $864,000 and its 2006 purchase price of $1.28 million.

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