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City Really Wants Crazy Greenpoint Waterfront Plan

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We kinda wrote off the most recent wacky proposal for the Greenpoint waterfront, which called for a two-building Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects-designed apartment complex (right) towering over the waterfront on India Street, a long two blocks from the G train's last stop. The project, from first-time developer Jonathan Bernstein, would be a zoning-buster. But maybe, judging by the latest project update from Archpaper, we were too quick to dismiss it. Because apparently the city really, really wants it to happen. Not only did the Economic Development Corporation release a request for proposals in July for a new Greenpoint ferry pier?which would give Bernstein, who already has one pier planned, additional air rights and land for his complex?but the EDC allegedly helped Bernstein get relevant permits even before releasing the RFP. With the additional pier land and air rights, Bernstein's project could go bigger without having to suffer through the public review process. And we'll never underestimate another ex-personal lawyer of Donald Trump's again.
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