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Atlantic Terminal Mall Seeks Peace by Keeping Kids Out

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If you're under 21 and have a few friends, the Atlantic Terminal/Atlantic Mall may not be the places you want to be hanging out at. At least that's what the Times is reporting, saying that the crackdown on groups of teenagers hanging out at the malls has been heightened. Proponents of the rules cite an incident last year in which thousands of teenagers gathered at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the mall after someone posted a flier on a "social networking site" (facebook?). The incident led to a stabbing and two shootings.

Mall officials are saying that this is the best way to maintain law and order in the center, letting groups of no more than 4 people if they are under 21 congregate. Of course, some eyebrow raising incidents such as "some guards at the Atlantic Terminal entrances asked for ID and then turned teenagers away, even some in groups of less than four. Stephanie Cineus, 15, a junior at a nearby high school, tried to get in with a friend, but both were barred from entering" sound a bit extreme. What say you, patrons of Atlantic Center?

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