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Really Big Building Has Really Big Rendering

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The owners of the Empire State Building freaked the fuck out over 15 Penn Plaza, even though the planned skyscraper supposedly ruining their chi will go up (...someday...) two avenues away. In Manhattan, that's far enough away to be considered another country, but they have a point: 15 Penn Plaza is freaking huge! To provide the proof, we have the World Architecture News, which just weighed-in on the Midtown skyline battle and provided a centerfold-sized shot of the Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed tower. Fans of glassitechture, feel free to print it out and hang the poster up on your wall. WAN casts a critical eye on the Hotel Pennsylvania-replacing tower, writing that "the general consensus is that it simply doesn’t have the gravitas required for the address," and all that extra office space "will only further deteriorate the street life." Can the Penn Station street life get any more deteriorated? It's filled with depressed Knicks fans!

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15 Penn Plaza

401 7th Avenue, New York, NY