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Darryl Strawberry Reviews Ohm; Knick Eyes Fifth Avenue Cupola

Found at new Far West Side rental tower Ohm: lobby rock concerts, light shows, lockbox drug storage, and former Met/Yankee (and current restauranteur!) Darryl Strawberry. He's been in residence at his $5,295/month rental for a few months, so it's time for the Post's Max Gross to pay a visit. He finds Strawberry wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey and talking about how much he now loves to play golf. Oh, and his thoughts on his apartment? "It's a great view of New Jersey." Another seemingly impossible amenity made real at Ohm!
Since Strawberry seems so happy, Knicks newbie Amar'e Stoudemire may want to ask his advice on the rental market. The latest stop on an apartment hunt that included 40 Mercer is 141 Fifth Avenue, where Stoudemire eyed a $29,000/3BR and then swung by the building's creamy cupola penthouse, the Post reports. Is the $12 million apartment also for rent? We don't know, but that dome would be a great place for a hoop.
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141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY