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The Best Tiger Woods Bachelor Pad Insults (So Far)

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Apparently all it takes is one rumor of a disgraced global icon moving into a building for people's true opinions about that building to come pouring out. And it looks like Hudson Street's Printing House doesn't have many fans! Page Six isn't convinced that Tiger Woods would spend his post-divorce days holed up in a loft in the West Village condo building, and neither are Curbed commenters who claim to have first-hand experience with the Printing House. Here, the harshest digs so far, cobbled together from brokers' quotes in Page Six and Curbed comments:

7) "Isn't this place kind of a dump? I've seen a few units and they were way over priced and generally have poor floor plans. Tiger would certainly be in a better building than this. (no offense meant to current residents)" [Curbed]

6) "I've renovated two apartments in the building, and yes I would have to's a total dump." [Curbed]

5) "It's an '80s conversion, run-down, with leaky ceilings." [Page Six]

4) "i live in this dump of a building. zero shot he lives there - this is the most overpriced condo/rental in the west village for crappy 80s finishings." [Curbed]

3) "If he does live there, it means his wife took every penny he has and he's at the end of his rope." [Page Six]

2) "YES, that building is a complete DUMP. I know, I lived there! In fact that arrow is pointing to my condo I sold 2 years ago. The building owner is an ass from hell, too. I can't believe with all his money, he is in THAT building! Shocking. His real estate agent should be ashamed of themselves." [Curbed]

1) "If it really was Tiger who was spotted moving boxes in from a BMW, brokers say he might have been helping a girlfriend. 'It would have to be a mistress he doesn't care about.'" [Page Six]

So, uh, should we start doubting this rumor or what? Tell us how you really feel!
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