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Olsen Twins Finally Get Rid of Unwanted West Village Penthouse

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Our long national nightmare is over: Dancing With The Stars returns tonight. Oh, and also the Olsen twins have finally sold their 5,700-square-foot five-bedroom penthouse in the Far West Village's 1 Morton Square condo castle, the same penthouse that Mary-Kate and Ashley?who today's kids think are famous for being fashion designers?never occupied and have been trying to sell since 2005. The asking price was once as high as $11.995 million, but the most recent price, when the apartment was said to be near a deal, was $8.45 million. The Observer notes that the final price, paid by Two BB LLC, was $7.7 million, just $300,000 more than Danny Tanner's youngest paid for the place. Check out the gallery for one final glimpse of the penthouse, which was rented out over the years, then compare it to its '07 look for a high-end game of Photo Hunt.

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1 Morton Square

1 Morton Square, New York, NY 10014