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Bring a Whole Entourage to This Townhouse, At a Discount

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This townhouse at 103 Riverside Drive started off asking a sky-high $21.5 million when it first hit the market in June, but despite 7,500 square feet, a home theater, built-in speakers on every floor, a historic if tenuous celebrity connection, and, er, some quirky interior design choices, no one's stepped up to buy. Instead of giving up, 103 Riverside has turned to the Chopper and is now asking $16.5 million. Lest that lead anyone to think this is just another $16.5M townhouse, though, enter the brokerbabble: "Unlike many smaller Manhattan townhouses, this home was built to accommodate not only your family but also your personal staff," and the service entrance is camouflaged so no one will ever know quite how many servants are coming and going.
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