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Elie Tahari Finally Allowed to Pay $30K/Month at 15 CPW

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Phew! The landlord-tenant squabble that brought high-and-mighty 15 Central Park West down to the level of the ordinary New York City apartment building has ended, the Journal reports. Tenant and hedge fund mogul Russell Abrams, who was paying $20,000/month for a two-bedroom 15 CPW apartment, has settled with his landlord, Marisa Chearavanont. Abrams wasn't exactly happy with the outcome of the lawsuit?in which he accused Chearavanont of trying to kick him out to rent the apartment at a higher price and she accused him of violating the building's no-pet policy?but Abrams and family left the building at the end of August, and now Chearavanont is renting the apartment to a new tenant at a higher price. That tenant is none other than fashion mogul Elie Tahari, who's paying $30K/month for the rental while waiting out the renovation of his 860 Fifth Avenue penthouse. And now we return to your regularly scheduled 15 CPW programming of flips and megasales.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023